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This is a book design concept for the famous dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell inspired by the architect Robert Venturi's style. I have tried to incorporate the actual design aesthetics of 80's into an imagined vision about 1980's. The project consists of the final front cover, layout set up for the continues text, a page with an illustration and designs for the first and the last pages of chapters.


The hardest part was to understand the consistency in Robert Venturi's work. In a traditional formalist sense, which graphics design is still caught up to till this century, Venturi doesn't repeat any visual element. He doesn't have a "style". What he repeats is clashing and mixing old styles and sort of creating a "Frankenstein". I found this approach very suitable for designing an equally terrifying book like 1984. The first impression is almost positive but when looked into it more, you will realize the cheap desktop calendar look inspired colors and type setting, typefaces that doesn't match, a person, literally and metaphorically broken into pieces as it happens in the story.In other words, it is ruins of different styles put together.

Other alternatives that did not make it to the last round.

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