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Yousician Social Media Make Over

Here are some social media campaign ideas from a dead pitch I designed and animated for Yousician. The goal of the project was to create a consistent visual language that can be aplicable to different platforms


In this campaign, the emphasis is to stay relevant both socially and commercially. The idea is to have a yearly plan for predictable promotions and social events.  It can be broken into two major concepts:

1. Cultural content 2. Product focused content.


We used humanistic and organic designs to bring out the authenticity and sincerity for social issues such as pride month, black history month etc.

For product focused content we chose more graphic, geometrical approach to create a more commercial feel.

We are focusing on bringing the culture into the product by attendance of artist in forms of lecture, Q&A or virtual concerts.


This monthly event is the binding element of our yearly calendar. By collaborating contemporary artists, we don’t only romanticize the past or solely focus on selling.


We collaborate with artists who have a passion for learning and teaching of music.

To achieve this visually, we blend the organic and geometric aspect of our yearly calendar posts. It is a mixture of humanistic and technological approach.

All designs can be easily applicable to different platforms and ratios.

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